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Justin Moore - The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home 2019.mp3

The song today is dedicated to hero Joseph Collette, who served

as an explosive ordnance tech with the Army. He was killed March 22.

Joey was a graduate of Lancaster High School in 2007. He was

deployed to Afghanistan on 12/27/18. The city of Lancaster is located

about 20 min's S of me, so it does hit home. His body landed on

Ohio soil today. Here is the link if you want to check this out. This is crazy

 because as I type I hear the news helicopter from here, our home as 

the procession travels S. Giving me goosebumps and enough to

make one tear up.   

On this day


While it IS sad how these pictures may make you and I
feel, they are a reminder to us just how good we do
have it today despite all the turmoil in the world.


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