Hello everyone!

While it is important that you all know I do not mind email with questions or concerns, it is my pleasure to create this page and answer some questions that I commonly get asked. I will add to it occasionally as questions surface. It has been this kind of help that I have received along the way and I have learned a lot from folks willing to answer my questions. Now I would like to pass that along to you. I hope this page helps. Thank you.

Note: Always be patient when my pages first come up, music is in the

format of MP3's and on some computers it may take a little bit to

download, thank you.

QUESTION: This is the most popular question I receive. I want to save the music on your web pages. How can I do that?

ANSWER: All the music being used on my website is in the form of MP3's. They usually will not play in email. You would need to convert them to a midi or wav - which both can be used in email.


If you like the music used here, you can support the
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QUESTION: Something is missing or I have a question about the recipe posted on the Daily Dose.

ANSWER: My recipes are shared with me from various groups and individuals. There is a good chance I could not answer your question(s). Most recipes have not been tried by me.


QUESTION: Your site is hosted by Yola. Can you recommend them for a free website?

ANSWER: Yes, http://www.yola.com is great for a free website host. I actually pay for my silver account yearly. Their prices are good, and they are easy to use. Their free version is very good, although you do have to put up with a small advert for their site at the footer of your pages and space is limited. They also have an exceptionally good support forum, so if you have any problems you can post there, and the response is fast, user friendly and honest.


QUESTION: Am I allowed to copy and paste from your pages the quotes, poems, graphics and such to share with friends, groups, etc?

ANSWER: Yes. Everything used on my website comes from talented others unless otherwise stated. Graphics are used in the manner and format in which I received. I do not nor have I ever practiced ripping any individual's work apart unless permission was granted. Some things are reduced or enlarged and frames and such added to compliment a color scheme or sized to fit on my page. I claim nothing to be my own. I urge you to share my website and anything in or on it.


NOTE: As my time and knowledge allows, I am always happy to help or direct you somewhere or to someone that may be able to help. With so many different kinds of systems, programs, software, etc. it is difficult for me to answer computer or technical issues. So, please keep that in mind when asking a question or addressing a concern.

Copyright Notice - No infringement of any text or graphic copyright is intended. Most of the graphics I share were obtained either on the World Wide Web or from private shares and I do not go around ripping IM or OE stats to share it with others.  If you own the copyright to any original image used for the creation of the graphics that I have shared, please contact me immediately with all pertinent info so that proper credit can be given.

NOTE : Please do not use any graphics on any sites promoting obscenity or any other site that may be offensive.  These graphics are for your personal use and cannot be sold to anyone.  I receive no profit from sharing these graphics with you.

Copyright Issue regarding House-Mouse



All credit goes to Ellen Jareckie, the artist.

I am posting this because in the past I have had people be very rude with me. Once again, I do not rip IM or OE stats apart. If something I share was part of your creation, then the ripping came from someone else and the issue will be ignored by me. I do NOT use graphics or tubes that are for sale unless I have paid for them but only the original artist has the right to claim payment. Tubers have no financial interest or rights whatsoever.
A LOT of folks misuse the word copyright. ONLY the original artist holds the copyright. When you have their permission to use the work, you do not have the copyright. You have their permission to use THEIR copyrighted work, nothing more.
This site has everything about House-Mouse copyright.


Richard Clayderman - Yesterday Once More.mp3