Okay! Where do I begin on this last day of 2010? How do I reflect back on a whole year? How do I ever begin to thank all of you for the hundreds of awesome email's, donations and since August - all the guest book entries! A grand total of 1,864 visitors and 799 messages so far to date. I don't think there would be enough room on this page to really tell you how I feel. All the above speaks large volume to me, so please know how much you all have warmly touched my life, and how good you have made me feel about myself. I appreciate you all, and I feel my life has been richly blessed with being able to produce this Daily Dose. I know the change of taking it to the web threw many and I lost some members for one reason or another when they tried dealing with it, but I feel overall it has been for the best. Now, anyone, anywhere can view my pages if they want. I appreciate you sharing my work.

In the new year I plan to add some things. I hope to have a link for you to get new wallpaper from weekly. I also will have brand new "ME", and "MAXINE" calendar pages. The cartoon "KIT" will also be included. I plan to share more poetry by Virginia. There! Just to mention a few things for you all to look forward too. As always any comments or donations will continue to be very much appreciated. It is all of you that keep me inspired to continue what I do on here.

Now I would like to share a little something with you that helps me along the way as the days, months and years hurry by. I have always been very fond of candlelight and when this came in a email one day, it hit home with me and I have kept this close to heart ......

If you light yourself a candle, a story to you it will tell, a story old - not
ever new, a story only you know well. The flame will waiver gently, soaring
high or drifting low. It's movement starts to vary, as the air begins to flow.
Upward reaches out the flame, noting the highs in your life, and the
every now and again, and also noting occasional strife.
The candle flames your yesterdays, reminisce what you've been dealt,
memories there to live again, as you watch that candle melt.
For those times you feel unhappy, for the times you heave a sigh,
sit down and light that candle again, reminisce when the flame is high. Always be on your guard through out all the days, do stand firm in your faith, try to be a person of courage and do everything with love.

Thank you all again for being wonderful followers and a nice group.

I wish you the best in 2011. May you have a healthy

and happy New Year.

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