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A Monday thru Friday mailing filled to the brim with inspiration! You will enjoy flowers, really neat pictures, quotes and thoughts, HouseMouse, lots of graphics, cartoons Kit and Maxine, pictures of baked goodies, a recipe daily, Bible scripture, and show of support for our military and causes such as animals, breast cancer, etc. Always nice backgrounds, and really great music in the form of MP3. My pages are graphic intense and decorated for holiday's and seasons of the year. Join now to receive a daily reminder for that day's dose published to the web. Click the link below and send the email that pops up.


Susan's Daily Dose


This group's volume of mail will vary from day to day. Myself and Loreen own and manage this group. No participation, just sit back and enjoy the shares. The name of the group describes the nature of the sends. Loreen will be making brand new extras never seen before or shared and also as time allows will offer tags to be personalized with the name of your choice. NO REQUESTS. Offers made only. If you are wanting a variety and enjoy most anything, then you have found the right place. Click the link below and send the email that pops up to join. 



Richard Clayderman - Yesterday Once More.mp3