A "Big Muskie" afternoon. This was a day trip my hubby and I took on Friday, Oct. 1st, 2010. Now you ask, what is and now was the Big Muskie? Well, it was once the World's Largest Earth Moving Machine. What remains today is what we visited. A monstrous metal bucket, vaguely resembling a robot dog head. The bucket sits on a rise, overlooking the beautiful valley in Ohio that it once mined and destroyed, which has been renamed "Re-Creation Land."

Built in 1969, Big Muskie could move 39 million pounds of earth and rock every hour, revealing rich coal seams 100-150 feet down in southeastern Ohio. BM could swing its boom 600 feet, creeping across the landscape on four giant shoes. The immense drag line machine was churning along at full production until 1991, when power demands and other factors convinced the owners to shut down. It was a perfect Fall day, leaves just hinting of turning to beautiful colors, temps were in the low 70's and sunshine with some big white puffy clouds. Below are some pictures we took .... there was another couple there who was so kind to snap several pictures of us together. Hope you enjoy the look, we sure did, and wow, what a - amazing machine Big Muskie used to be .....

We ended the day at Burr Oak State Park

at the beach area. where there was not another living soul around.

You can tell Winter is coming with this area being deserted.

Just us, the quiet, nature and the beautiful day.

If you would like to read a lot more on the history

and how the bucket was moved to it's final resting

spot,  I have gathered some links

for you to visit. Very interesting. If

you ever get the opportunity, go visit. 



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