I always thought to myself if I ever had another website, there would be pages of just holidays and seasons. At the top of my list is Fall/Autumn. I have now gathered what I think is the most unique and neat Fall and Autumn pictures along with some of my all time favorite quotes. It has been a true inspiration to me and my hope is that it will be for you as well. The collection of photos and quotes consists of five (5) pages and content comes from many websites on the Internet and friends. I claim nothing to be my own. Now, do grab a beverage of your liking and have a seat and enjoy the sights and the music - be reminded to be patient while the pages and music load. thank you.

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"Once You Had Gold" by Enya


The way to be respected is to be

respectful. The way to be heard is to listen.

What do you wish to experience? Give it to others,

and you will surely find it appearing and

growing stronger in your own life.

~~Ralph Marston

The days of your life are gifts, simply open them ....

~ Susan Kistler


 Every day is filled with opportunities to offer
 genuine and meaningful kindness.
The more of those opportunities you
follow and fulfill, the
richer your life becomes.
~~Ralph Marston

To make a positive impression,
find the qualities
that are positive and
valuable about
every person you meet.
What you send
is amplified through the
 lives of others
and comes back to you
 without fail.
~~Ralph Marston



Advantages built on brute force and deception
will crumble quickly. Achievements built
on kindness, respect, understanding
and love will continue to grow
 in value and influence.
~~Ralph Marston

Be kind and merciful.
 Let no one ever come to
you without coming
away better and happier.
-- Mother Teresa

Find a purpose
and your passion
will follow.
-- Mac Anderson

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