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"I looked on child rearing not only as a work of love and duty but as a profession that was fully as interesting and challenging as any honorable profession in the world and one that demanded the best that I could bring to it." -- Author: Rose Kennedy
It is the contest that delights us, and not the victory. – Blaise Pascal, French mathematician, physicist (1623-1662)
The essence of real sport is the pursuit of victory with honor. Take away the honor and it’s no longer sport. – Michael Josephson
There is no greater calling than to serve your fellow men. There is no greater contribution than to help the weak. There is no greater satisfaction than to have done it well.”  —Walter Reuther (1907-1970); former president of the United Automobile Workers







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All recipes not tried by me, I
am only sharing ...
this one sounds sooooo good!


box (1 lb 2.4 oz) Betty Crocker® Original Supreme Premium brownie mix


Water, vegetable oil, and eggs called for on brownie mix box


2 cups miniature marshmallows


1/2 cup light corn syrup
3 tablespoons butter or margarine
1 1/3 cups (8 oz) peanut butter chips
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla
1 1/3 cups crisp rice cereal
1 1/3 cups salted peanuts



  • Heat oven to 350°F (325°F for dark or nonstick pan). Grease bottom only of 9-inch square pan with cooking spray or shortening. Make brownies as directed on box-- except after removing from oven, immediately sprinkle with marshmallows. Bake 1 to 2 minutes longer or until marshmallows just begin to puff.
  • In 3-quart saucepan, heat corn syrup, butter, vanilla and peanut butter chips over medium heat 3 to 4 minutes, stirring constantly, until chips are melted. Remove from heat; stir in cereal and peanuts. Spread evenly over marshmallows. Refrigerate 45 minutes or until firm. For brownies, cut into 5 rows by 5 rows. Store in refrigerator.




    Flowers always make people better,
    happier and more helpful; they
    are sunshine, food and
    medicine for the soul.
    ~ Luther Burbank





    After a three-month siege, the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlán fell to the Spanish conquistadors, marking the end of one empire and the rise of another.


    An all-black army unit was accused of a shooting rampage that left 1 civilian dead at Fort Brown in Brownsville, Texas. In 1972 they were all exonerated.


    Disney's Bambi opened at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.


    The border between East and West Berlin was closed and marked with a barbed wire fence.


    Baseball great Mickey Mantle died of cancer.

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