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 Hello everyone. I am back at it, things are still

 not the way I want them, but marching onward here.

Thank you for your patience and join me tomorrow as I

welcome in the weekend!
































I received this today in one of my group mailings.

 Here is what was discussed ....

A person was advised by a lady at the grocery store in the cake section, if you want a really moist and easy cake to take any flavor cake mix and mix as directed and add a whole can of the frosting right in with the cake mix. They report it was so moist it did not need frosting...The lady tried it with German Chocolate cake and a can of coconut pecan frosting. She was right!!!!!! It was awesome...makes a good bundt cake and not overly sweet but great with coffee... The next one she said she was going to try was the butter golden yellow with a can of homestyle cream cheese...You can drizzle a glaze over it but it is not necessary...

let me know if any of you try this and how it turns out.













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Join me tomorrow!

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